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Regarding China, and the Social Justice Impact of 3D Printing on Factory Workers

April 24, 2012


FROM MY CONVERSATION WITH A FRIEND ON FACEBOOK: Badri, you criticized the enthusiasm of the Economist article ( for hailing a “new industrial revolution” due to 3D printing because of social justice concerns, and the costs that would be incurred on the “toiling people.” I agree with your concern, at least in the short run, […]

Nomi Network: Hypocrisy of Fair Trade rescue of third world sex slaves?

October 3, 2010


    Interesting use of Fair Trade, with some assumptions in their platform that irritate me – Nomi Network seeks to empower former sex workers by giving them jobs as crafts workers (creating handmaid fashion items such as purses and scarves), and selling their products with socially conscious branding in the developed world. This social […]